Customer Care

In Calidad Gourmet we have a quality commitment of every product we work with, not only with the products, but also with the clients in order to get their satisfaction as a best reward.

For that, we have made a commitment based in 4 points to translate them the confidence to trust in our website and buy their favourite gourmet products there.


Excellent selection of products. The first point is to make a great selection of the products in order to offer the users the best gourmet food. For this reason, we have created a Product Tasting Committee that will select the suppliers and the products with the needs that Calidad has set.

Intern homologation of suppliers and the continuous evaluation of them
A supplier’s selection and changing system according to the client’s needs
Quality controls verifying the organoleptic features of each product.
Expiry date management
Storage optimization and products preservation.


Confidence agreement. We compromise to offer the best quality for the customer. For that, the client has the following departments available:

24 hours Commercial Department to solve the doubts through different communication channels available: Telephone, email, social network…
Sales Department to attend any claim or problem.


We work with the best logistic companies. In online sale business is very important to offer a good logistic service in order to fulfill with the shipping and delivery dates and to ease the delivery to the client.

We work with the best companies of this sector able to fulfill the delivery dates
We offer a delivery tracking control system where the client can see where the order is in any moment
Product replacement after break, loss or order configuration


Easy and handy Website for the users. We have tried to make a good design of the Website with the following judgements:

Access and UX (User experience) trying to ease the much as possible the purchasing process.
Maximum security in the purchase process. To offer the maximum security while doing the order is one of the most important point we want to translate.