Exchangeable points

In Calidad Gourmet, we feel generous and to award our best customers, we are going to gift an exchangeable points as a discount.

How can you get points?

These points will be applied to customers who buy from its profile in our web, in another words, those who go into as a guest does not get any point. For any Euro you spend in our shop online, you will get 1 point and for each 100 points, 1€ discount in your next purchase. The points round towards the closest whole number, so if we spend 4,54 €, you will get 5 points and if we spend 9,39, you will get 9 points. In case of 9,50 €, for example, it will be round to 10 points.

To understand how works our programme of points, first we must know that the discount will be for the tax base of the product, meaning, the price without V.A.T. For example, if you are going to buy anchovies 00 8 fillets Ria de Santoña for 10,35 € and you get 9 points, it is because the discount is made for the total of 9,41 €, which is the tax base.

programa de puntos canjeables

But, How can we get euros from these points?

An example: We have an order with 4 pieces of Zamorano cheese and a organic jam TipTree. The total of these order will be 37,14€ without taxes. For others purchases, we have 1000 points accumulated, that’s means you have 10 € discount at the total price of the order without V.A.T., but at the moment you apply, the discount will be 10,47 €. Because the V.A.T. in both products is different and to calculate the real discount, the programe makes the calculation:

Price of one product without tax multiple by unit and divide by the final price without tax.

On one side, it calculates the percentage of expense that means each product in relation of the final price and after the expense percentage in realation to the V.A.T. that we have to include.

programa de puntos canjeables

So, if we have bought 4 units of Zamorano cheese for 8,17€ tax base,by 37,14 € which is the final price of the order, we get a result of 0,88, that means the cheeses are a 88% of the final price of the product. By the other way, we have bought an apricot jam for 4,45 €, tax base, we divide it by 37,14 €, the result is 0,12, this means a 12% of the final price of the order.

With that percentage, it calculates the corresponding total of the discount. So if 10 € are the 100%, X is the 88% taht in this case, it will be 0,35 € or in the case of 12%, it will be 0,12 €. Adding both numbers, we will get 0,47 €.

In fact, we have figured out the riddle.

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