Antique Amontillado Fernando de Castilla

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Format: Bottle of 50 cl.

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The Antique Amontillado by Fernando de Castilla is a sweet white wine from the Antique Range with designation of origin Sherry Wine and a 15º graduation. The Antique Amontillado is made up of 100% fine palomina grapes and is aged for 20 years in soleras and criaderas. They are bottled from the hearth itself, without undergoing any type of filtering or subsequent treatment, thus maintaining all its purity. After a biological aging for a total time exceeding 5 years, the wine is headed at 19 ° and subjected to oxidative aging. We are facing an old wine of limited edition and with an exceptional quality. To show their original colors they are presented in transparent glass bottles.

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The best way to serve it: Although “traditional orthodoxy” suggests serving these wines at room temperature, in practice this usually causes the wine to reach a temperature higher than recommended; the impact of alcohol becomes excessive and the wines are often a bit heavy. Serving them at around 12ºC we have some margin to gain temperature in the glass and make them more pleasant to drink, without detracting from their genuine characteristics. It is a pungent and aromatic wine, striking for the nose. The palate produces elegant sensations of almonds and becomes an enveloping and dry wine that leaves a long retronasal finish.

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1,3 kg

Manufacturer Address

Calle Jardinillo, 7, 11404 Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz


Palomino raise 100 %


Fernando de Castilla


Bottle of 50 cl.


Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz)

Denominación de origen

Vino de Jerez

Apto para alérgicos a la lactosa


Apto para alérgicos a los frutos secos


Apto para alérgicos al huevo


Apto para alérgicos al gluten



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