Crêpes Dentelles Gavottes

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Format: 14 boxes of 125 g.

  • Crêpes Dentelles Gavottes are made in the Brittany region of France from wheat flour, sugar, butter, lactose and milk proteins, and salt.
  • The Crêpes Dentelles Gavottes are ideal to taste alone or accompanied by a cup of chocolate.
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Crêpes Dentelles Gavottes are a true delight that combines the delicacy of French pastry with a crispy texture and exquisite flavor. These crêpes dentelles, also known as “lace cookies,” are the result of meticulous craftsmanship following the tradition of Brittany, France, renowned for its mastery in creating culinary delights.

Each Gavottes Crêpes Dentelles is characterized by its thinness and lace-like weave that dissolves in your mouth with every bite. They are made with carefully selected ingredients and crafted using artisanal techniques that ensure their exceptional quality. The controlled baking process is what gives these crispy cookies their unique texture, cherished by connoisseurs of gourmet pastries.

Gavottes Crêpes Dentelles are a versatile choice to enjoy at any time of day. You can savor them on their own as a light and flavorful snack, or pair them with ice cream, fresh fruits, or whipped cream to create elegant and memorable desserts. Moreover, their individual packaging makes them perfect for carrying along and indulging in a touch of luxury wherever you go.

These delicious crêpes dentelles also make for a perfect gift for pastry enthusiasts and special occasions. Their exquisite taste and unique texture will impress those seeking refined and authentic culinary experiences.

In summary, Gavottes Crêpes Dentelles are a French delicacy that combines tradition, crispy texture, and unmatched flavor in every bite. Experience the charm of Brittany in each cookie and let it transport you to a world of gourmet pleasure.

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Gross weight (container inc.) 4 kg

14 boxes of 125 g.


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