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Iberian ham Monteporrino

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Piece of 8,5 kg.

Iberico ham Monteporrino is made in a traditional way in the Extremaduran town of Salvaleón from Iberian pork ham fed in extensive cattle ranch, where pigs live freely and feed on pastures and small invertebrates. The Iberian ham Monteporrino, is produced only with selected pigs and with an integral control of its traceability, where you can recognize all the characteristics of the ham indicating provenance, feeding, age, time of healing in salt, stay in cellar, etc.

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The regulation of Iberian ham presents 4 differentiated labels for each type of Iberian ham, these are the following: The black label corresponds to the 100% Iberian pig fed with acorn. The red label corresponds to Iberian pigs (50% -75%) fed with acorns. The green label corresponds to Iberian pigs (50% -75%) fed with field bait. The white label corresponds to Iberian pigs (50-75%) fed with bait on farms. The factors that determine this classification are the breed (at least 50% Iberian breed, usually crossed with white pig of Duroc breed), the place of cure (there are 4 different denominations of origin of Iberian pig in the Spanish state) and the type of feeding (Acorn, field bait and bait). Iberico ham Monteporrino would have the green label within that classification.

Gross weight (container inc.)8.7 kg

Piece of 8,5 kg.




Iberian ham and salt.

Suitable for allergics to lactose


Suitable for allergics to nuts


Suitable for allergics to egg


Suitable for allergics to gluten



Salvaleón (Extremadura)


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