Lodosa piquilllo pepper 8-12 fruits LC

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Format: Jar of 230 g. (net weight)

  • The Lodosa piquillo peppers La Catedral de Navarra are produced in the Navarran town of Mendavia.
  • They are made with piquillo peppers, roasted over a flame, peeled by hand and without contact with water.
  • Red pepper from the I.G.P. Pimiento del Piquillo de Lodosa
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Buy Lodosa piquillo pepper is always a good idea cause the piquillo peppers from Lodosa La Catedral de Navarra are made in the Navarran town of Mendavia from extra category red piquillo peppers. Roasted in flame and peeled by hand without maintaining any type of contact with water during the process, La Catedral de Navarra peppers are made dry so as not to dilute the intensity of flavor of the authentic piquillo pepper.

Under the protected designation of origin Pimiento Piquillo de Lodosa, this product has its own characteristics that make it unmistakable: a small size (8-10 cm), a flat triangular shape with a slightly curved tip and a weight of 35 to 55 grams . Piquillo peppers are ideal to be consumed as stuffed peppers. One of the star recipes is the piquillo peppers stuffed with cod. We also recommend that you try to make caramelized peppers or even a piquillo sauce.

About Lodosa Piquillo Peppers 8-12 fruits La Catedral de Navarra

To buy Piquillo peppers from Lodosa 8-12 fruits La Catedral de Navarra you should know that it has a total weight of approximately 600 grams, although we are in front of a 230-gram glass jar that contains 8 to 12 roasted Piquillo peppers. The piquillo peppers 8-12 fruits La Catedral de Navarra originate in the Navarran town of Mendavia and are made by the prestigious canning company La Catedral de Navarra, who, for their preparation, only uses: roasted piquillo peppers, salt and acidulant . Therefore, the piquillo peppers 8-12 fruits La Catedral de Navarra are suitable for both those allergic to lactose, and those allergic to gluten, eggs or nuts.

Why LC? Synonymous with quality

The products of La Catedral de Navarra have numerous quality certificates that guarantee the exquisiteness of its products. Among them, the denominations of origin stand out: Piquillo de Lodosa, Artichoke from Tudela, Asparagus from Navarra and Oil from Navarra. But they also have the certificates: IFS, Organic Farming and BRC.

La Catedral de Navarra has more and more organic farming crops, thanks to which it has obtained European certification for these products. With this seal, practices such as crop rotation, strict limits on the use of chemical products or the cultivation of indigenous varieties are guaranteed.

Calidad Gourmet always recommends you to read carefully the nutritional informationbefore being consuming any food product, as well as the ingredients, recommendationsfor uses, preparation, and/or preservation, as well as other kind of compulsory and/orvoluntary information given by the supplier of the product.

In the same way, Calidad Gourmet does not take responsability of the possibledifferences and/or modifications between the information provided by thesupplier/producer in our Web page and the information that shows physically in the ownproduct.

Gross weight (container inc.) 1 kg

Jar of 230 g. (net weight)


Mendavia (Navarra)

Nº fruits



La Catedral de Navarra


Roasted red piquillo peppers. salt and acidulant.

Suitable for allergics to nuts


Suitable for allergics to gluten


Suitable for allergics to lactose


Suitable for allergics to egg


Manufacturer Address

Calle Virgen de Legarda, 66, 31587 Mendavia, Navarra

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