Long rice Sivaris

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Format: 6 Bags of 1 kg.

  • Long Rice Sivaris is a long grain Japonica rice.
  • Sivaris long rice is an ideal rice to use in rice salads.
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Why buy Sivaris rice?

At Calidad Gourmet, your online food store, you can find different varieties of rice from the renowned Valencian rice brand Sivaris. You can taste Basmati rice, bomba, carnaroli, integral, black, red, wild, sushi and the classic round and long.

Sivaris is a family business, dedicated to the cultivation of rice for generations. “The grandparents of our grandparents already did it and we are proud to continue doing it.” The natural environment in which they work is the place where they grew up. Thus, in 2006 they launched the SIVARIS brand.

The originality and extraordinary presentation of the packaging designed by Pepe Gimeno, transmit at a glance its values: Excellence, innovation, love for detail and respect for the environment.

As rice farmers, the brand would be meaningless if they were not dedicated to the cultivation. The Sivaris guarantee is that they carry out the entire process: from the seed to the container. The exceptional quality of its products makes Sivaris the rice chosen by prestigious chefs, select stores such as Calidad Gourmet and suppliers of the best restaurants.

The Sivaris brand is a benchmark in the panorama of gourmet products, both for the presence of its design and for the trajectory and culinary characteristics of the product.

SIVARIS quality is due to the care with which all ranges are produced, from agricultural work to packaging. Sivaris products are also endorsed by top quality labels such as the Denomination of Origin seals, the Natural Park Product or the Organic Farming certificate.

A limited harvest:

The Albufera Natural Park in Valencia and the Marjal de Pego-Oliva in Alicante are the settings for this work. They are privileged environments for the cultivation of rice, with a high environmental value due to its climatic characteristics and its rich biodiversity. These are very delimited and therefore privileged areas. The cultivation of the occurs in these areas and only once a year.

DO Valencia Rice

The Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin is the body that guarantees that the rice belongs to native varieties, grown from certified seed and within the Natural Parks of the Valencian Community. Therefore, this seal is a guarantee that the rice comes exclusively from the same area. The products that bear this seal also have the Natural Product seal.

Calidad Gourmet always recommends you to read carefully the nutritional informationbefore being consuming any food product, as well as the ingredients, recommendationsfor uses, preparation, and/or preservation, as well as other kind of compulsory and/orvoluntary information given by the supplier of the product.

In the same way, Calidad Gourmet does not take responsability of the possibledifferences and/or modifications between the information provided by thesupplier/producer in our Web page and the information that shows physically in the ownproduct.

Gross weight (container inc.) 12 kg

6 Bags of 1 kg.


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