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Monteporrino Iberian Palette

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Piece of 5 kg (aprox.)

The Iberian palette Monteporrino is made in the locality Extremadura de Salvaleon from Iberian pork shoulder and salt. The Iberian pig Monteporrino live in freedom in natural rangelands during the time of the mountain and is fed with natural feed produced from cereals and legumes, as well as supplementing their diet with small invertebrates, roots, berries and Herbs. The Iberian palette Monteporrino, has a maturation period of 22 to 26 months in natural dryers of Extremadura.

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Monteporrino Iberian Palette stands out for its characteristic intramuscular fat that provokes its delicious juiciness and its slightly salty flavor. At the time of tasting, its uses are multiple and varied, from accompanying fruits, vegetables and vegetables, read peas, turntables, artichokes, asparagus, buds, melon and more, with fish such as monkfish or hake, breaded as a cachopo or with oyster mushrooms or with chard pieces, croquetas, pizza, sandwiches and a long etc. Being the most popular accompanied by rustic bread and extra virgin olive oil or tumaca bread. For their pairing, nothing better than dry generous wines like fine or chamomile, as well as sparkling wines like Italian sparkling wine, cava or champagne. The red wines can also be delicious with the Iberian palette Monteporrino whenever we avoid the wines with a marked body and with excessive wood.

Gross weight (container inc.)7 kg

Piece of 5 kg (aprox.)

Product origin

Salvaleón (Extremadura)




Iberian acorn shoulder and salt.

Suitable for allergics to lactose


Suitable for allergics to egg


Suitable for allergics to nuts


Suitable for allergics to gluten



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