Organic ewe’s cheese with rosemary and honey Finca Fuentillejos

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Format: Wedge of 200 g.

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Organic ewe’s cheese with rosemary and honey Finca Fuentillejos is made from pasteurized Merino ewe’s milk from extensive organic farming in the La Mancha town of Poblete. Artisan cheese, flavored with a rind produced with organic honey and rosemary that does not have any additives.

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Organic ewe cheese with rosemary and honey Finca Fuentillejos presents aromas of the mountain that the honey manages to redirect towards the cheese, an experience in your mouth. Awarded Super Gold at the World Cheese Awards 2017.

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Gross weight (container inc.) 0,3 kg

Wedge of 200 g.


Finca Fuentillezjos

Protected designation of origin

Queso Manchego

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Pasteurized ewe's milk from organic farming, rosemary, honey, lactic ferments, calcium chloride, rennet and salt.




Ctra. Alarcos a Corral de Calatrava km. 4,5 13195 Poblete (Ciudad Real)

Suitable for allergics to egg


Suitable for allergics to gluten


Suitable for allergics to lactose


Suitable for allergics to nuts



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