Organic extra virgin olive oil La Maja

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Format: Bottle of 50 cl.

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  • Organic extra virgin olive oil La Maja, monovarietal olive of the Arbequina variety.
  • The olive tree is cultivated under the strict regulations of organic farming in Navarra at the end of October.
  • It is cold pressed and in less than six hours from the olive harvest, which causes a great aromatic intensity.
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Organic extra virgin olive oil La Maja is a high-quality option for lovers of healthy and sustainable cooking. Produced using organic methods, this olive oil stands out for its exceptional flavor and health benefits.

La Maja is a brand recognized for its commitment to organic farming and respect for the environment. Their extra virgin olive oil is obtained from olives grown without the use of synthetic chemicals or pesticides. This sustainable approach guarantees a pure, high-quality product.

Organic extra virgin olive oil La Maja is characterized by its balanced and fruity flavor profile. The olives are harvested at the optimum moment of ripeness and are carefully processed to preserve their organoleptic qualities. The result is an olive oil with a fresh aroma and notes of green grass, almond and tomato.

In addition to its exquisite flavor, organic extra virgin olive oil La Maja offers numerous health benefits. It is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants, such as vitamin E and polyphenols, which help protect the body against free radicals and contribute to cardiovascular health.

Organic extra virgin olive oil is also ideal for those who follow a balanced diet. Its healthy fat content and its low level of saturated fatty acids make it a healthy option for cooking and dressing salads. It is a versatile ingredient that enhances the flavor of your dishes and provides that unique Mediterranean touch.

In summary, organic extra virgin olive oil La Maja combines flavor, quality and sustainability. Enjoy this exquisite olive oil in your favorite recipes and benefit from its healthy properties. Discover an authentic culinary experience and support environmentally friendly agricultural practices with organic extra virgin olive oil La Maja.

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Gross weight (container inc.) 1 kg

Bottle of 50 cl.


El Alfar La Maja

Protected designation of origin

Organic Agriculture

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Extra virgin olive oil of the arbequina variety.




Mendavia (Navarra)

Suitable for allergics to nuts


Suitable for allergics to egg


Suitable for allergics to gluten


Suitable for allergics to lactose