Pasiega quesada Casa Olmo

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  • The Casa Olmo pasiega quesadas are a typical Cantabrian sweet made in the Pas river valley from pasiega butter milk, eggs, flour, cinnamon, lemon and sugar.
  • Typical Cantabrian sweet produced by hand in the town of Ontaneda.


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The Casa Olmo brand brings you the exquisiteness of the quesada pasiega, an authentic culinary treasure from the Cantabria region. With an ancestral recipe passed down from generation to generation, Casa Olmo has managed to capture the traditional essence of this very special dessert.

Casa Olmo’s quesada pasiega is distinguished by its smooth and creamy texture, combined with a delicate and captivating flavor. Each bite transports you to the green and picturesque mountains of Pas, where it is made with carefully selected ingredients, such as fresh cheese, milk, butter and farm eggs.

Casa Olmo’s dedication and commitment to quality are evident in every detail of its production process. From the careful preparation of the ingredients to the perfect baking, each pasiega quesada is created with passion and mastery, guaranteeing an exceptional result.

The Casa Olmo brand is proud to keep the tradition and gastronomic legacy of Cantabria alive. Each quesada pasiega is a testament to his love for regional cuisine and his desire to share that unique experience with the world.

Why Casa Olmo?

Because Casa Olmo is a company founded in 1911 by Braulio del Olmo Madrazo to make typical products of Valle del Pas in the town of Ontaneda, on the banks of the Pas river and in the heart of the beautiful Valles Pasiegos.

It all began as a tea room in which sobaos and quesadas were made homemade in summer for consumption by families and tourists in general who came to enjoy the famous and healthy waters of the Spa in the area, as well as like those who made a small stop on the way to their vacation destination.

Due to its great acceptance by customers, with the passage of time the consumption and recognition of these products increased, reaching our days, where they have been distributed throughout the national territory for decades thanks to the work of Carlos Pardo del Olmo, owner of the business for more than 40 years.

This recognition also came from the rest of Europe, and more specifically from Brussels, where the European Commission admitted Casa Olmo’s Sobao Pasiego to the list of products with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) and Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), something that is demonstrated through the label that appears in the cases of sobaos.

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Casa Olmo


Try of 450 g.

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Curdled milk, egg, sugar, butter, wheat flour, raising agents, cinnamon, lemon, salt and preservative.


Ontaneda (Cantabria)

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