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Tiramisu Chocolate Spoon

3,00  IVA incluido

Spoon of 55 grs.

The Tiramisu chocolate spoon is a succulent chocolate spoon with milk to the cup accompanied by Tiramisu. Chco Company makes the best Valrhona chocolate so that you can easily enjoy it in the cup.

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The chocolate spoon Tiramisú CHCO is made from milk chocolate Valrhona accompanied by tiramisu. Tiramisu is a coffee confectionery very coveted in pastry and thanks to this chocolate spoon you can make a chocolate cup with authentic tiramisu flavor. The chocolate spoons of CHCO Company are presented in an original format that together with its exotic flavor will turn this product into the most interesting way to give chocolate.

The way of using this chocolate spoon in an exquisite chocolate to the cup is very simple, you simply have to remove the spoon from the wrap, heat a cup with hot milk, put the spoon in it, stir and wait until the Chocolate has been completely undone. The aromas detached by this spoon as soon as it is introduced into the milk will envelop the room in a surprising way.

Gross weight (container inc.)0.15 kg

Spoon of 55 grs.


Heerlen (Netherlands)


CHCO Company

Suitable for allergics to lactose


Suitable for allergics to nuts


Suitable for allergics to egg


Suitable for allergics to gluten



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