Txakoli Ilun

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Format: Bottle of 75 cl

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  • Ilun txakoli is a superior txakoli made by Gorka Izagirre in the Biscayan town of Larrabetzu.
  • From Hondarribi Beltza grape.
  • Limited production: 4317 bottles.
  • Harvest 2019. Bottling 2020.
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Buying Txakoli Ilun is always a good idea as the txakoli Ilun is a superior txakoli made by Gorka Izagirre. It is a monovarietal txakoli made from the Hondarribi Beltza grape from vineyards over 15 years old located in the Biscayan town of Larrabetzu. It has a limited production of 4317 bottles. Red wine made with the ancestral and little-known variety Hondarrabi Beltza. Pure Atlantic character that stands out for its freshness and uniqueness.

Ilun means ‘dark’ and ‘god of the night’ in Basque language, it takes us to a little-known part of the world of txakoli, to a place that was forgotten, and that little by little is recovering its place. Perfect to taste both with sausages and white meats as well as with fish.

Txakoli Ilun tasting note

With a light robe, it has a cherry color with a beautiful violet rim. It has a high aromatic intensity, marking from the beginning the typicality of the variety and its Atlantic origin. Its herbaceous nature is covered by aromas of red fruits such as currant and raspberry and with an elegantly spicy touch. The drink is light and very friendly, with a soft and velvety mid palate. The perfectly balanced mouth is full of red fruit and herbaceous flavors with a fresh balsamic finish. A very easy to drink wine that invites you to have the next glass.

Why Gorka Izagirre?

Because Gorka Izagirre Winery is a family project that was born in the vineyard and constantly evolves to achieve high quality white and red wines, keeping their identity and origin unchanged; Bizkaia. At Gorka Izagirre they contribute to the progress and enhancement of Bizkaia wine. They are the protagonists: Hondarrabi Zuri, Hondarribia beltza and Hondarrabi Zerratia. Atlantic varieties grown in our environment, small and concentrated bunches full of character and personality that give Gorka Izagirre wines their own identity. For its part, Hondarrabi Zuri is full of freshness, joy, fruit and power, while Hondarrabi Zerratia, on the other hand, is pure elegance, volume, white flowers and complexity.

Gorka Izagirre vineyards are 40 hectares divided into small plots integrated into the landscape of Bizkaia. Steep slopes facing southeast, seeking the morning sun and airy areas. This is how the Hondarrabi Zuri and Hondarrabi Zerratia grow. They are harvested manually in October. The low yield per hectare allows optimal maturation to create high-quality, structured wines.

Finally, Gorka Izagirre conceives the winery as a tool at the service of the vineyard. At Gorka Izagirre they work with excellent grapes, treated in the winery with the same care as in the vineyard. The winery designed with the best oenological technology and taking into account the distribution of the vineyards, allows each plot to be elaborated separately and reveal the full potential of the grape.

Gorka Izagirre wines are: G22, Arima, 42 by Eneko Atxa, Gorka Izagirre, Ama and Ilun. The Gorka Izagirre for its part is a young white wine. Combination between the local varieties Hondarrabi Zuri and Hondarrabi Zerratia. An excellent wine as an aperitif that pairs perfectly with seafood and fish. Cheerful, appetizing, dry, fresh and with a very pleasant finish. The 42 by Eneko Atxa is a barrel fermented. A magnificent blend of the Hondarrabi Zerratia, its lees and the wood. The 42 pairs perfectly with grilled fish, white meat and smoked cheeses. A unique, subtle and sophisticated wine, a lover of good food. The G22 is a wine aged on lees. All the essence of the best Hondarrabi Zerratia in a bottle. A versatile wine that is in tune with both fish and white meat, tasty sauces and delicate cheeses. Unctuous, elegant and complex, with an excellent capacity for evolution, designed to be enjoyed today and in the future. Finally, the Arima is the sweetest version. Late harvest made with Hondarrabi Zerratia harvested during the month of November. A sweet melody with fresh touches that pairs perfectly with cheeses, desserts and foie gras. Silky, mature and enveloping. A wine that will captivate your soul.

Ama is the pure expression of the mature Hondarrabi Zerratia that is made only in the warmest vintages of Bizkaia. The exceptional summer of 2015 together with the exhaustive work of the human team both in the field and in different wineries, have allowed the creation of AMA, an elegant, subtle and silky wine, which in addition to stimulating sensations also stimulates feelings.

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Bottle of 75 cl

Manufacturer address

Legina auzoa s/n, 48195 Larrabetzu, Bizkaia


Hondarrabi zuri Txakoli wine


Gorka Izagirre


Larrabetzu (Spain)

Suitable for allergics to lactose


Suitable for allergics to nuts


Suitable for allergics to egg


Suitable for allergics to gluten



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