White tuna belly in olive oil 900 g. Ría de Santoña

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Format: Can of 900 g.

  • The white tuna belly in olive oil 900 g. Ria de Santoña is elaborated in Cantabria from white tuna sustainabily fished in waters of the Bay of Biscay, olive oil and salt.
  • This white tuna is caught in the inshore season during the summer season.
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White Tuna in Olive Oil: A Gourmet Delight

White tuna in olive oil is an exquisite culinary experience that embodies the perfect fusion of the sea’s finest offerings and the rich tradition of Mediterranean cuisine. This carefully crafted delicacy is a true testament to the art of gastronomy, catering to those with a discerning palate and an appreciation for quality.

Obtained from the tender abdominal region of the fish, white tuna boasts a succulent texture and a subtle, refined flavor profile. When preserved in premium olive oil, its taste is elevated to new heights, and its tenderness becomes unparalleled. This preservation method not only ensures the retention of its natural freshness and nutritional integrity but also accentuates the delicate nuances of white tuna, further enhanced by the infusion of olive oil’s wholesome goodness.

Featuring a delicate ivory hue and a supple texture, white tuna in olive oil is a versatile ingredient that elevates culinary creations. It can be relished straight from the container, employed to elevate salads with a touch of elegance, or showcased as the centerpiece of gourmet sandwiches. Its exceptional flavor harmonizes effortlessly with crisp, young white wines, enhancing the overall dining experience.

Beyond its remarkable taste, white tuna offers a wealth of essential nutrients. Rich in premium proteins, B-group vitamins, and essential minerals such as phosphorus and potassium, it presents significant nutritional advantages. The addition of olive oil not only imparts healthy fats but also introduces antioxidants that promote cardiovascular well-being and holistic health.

In essence, white tuna in olive oil is a gastronomic gem that encapsulates tradition, flavor, and nourishment in every bite. Whether enjoyed solo, in the company of others, or as the star ingredient of sophisticated dishes, this culinary masterpiece promises an unparalleled sensory journey that will captivate even the most refined palates.

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Gross weight (container inc.) 2 kg

Can of 900 g.


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