Whole peeled organic tomato Viuda de Cayo

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Format: Jar of 660 g.

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  • Whole peeled organic tomato Viuda de Cayo is made in the Navarra town of Mendavia.
  • Made with whole peeled organic tomato of the pear variety from the Navarrese riverside, water and salt.
  • Gourmet vegetable preserve produced from extra-quality whole peeled tomato.
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         Why buy Viuda de Cayo?

  • Viuda de Cayo has more than 70 years in the sector of canned vegetables, where he has achieved a leadership position thanks to its commitment to quality, designations of origin and respect for the natural flavor of Navarre products. Located in the Ebro valley, fertile land by nature, the brand has based its work on experience, rigor and commitment to local production and work.
  • The Sainz family has been dedicated to canned vegetables since always, since they began to exist and sold massively, in the forties of the last century. Before packing their own vegetables, Petra López -women of Cayo Sainz, grandfather of the current owner Cayo Martínez- dedicated herself for a time to close the cans of homemade preserves that her neighbors prepared at home. Later on, it also began to preserve its own products, and today the brand has a very wide range of vegetables and legumes from Navarre of the highest quality.
  • We are in a privileged garden area. Fertile and exuberant because of the composition of the soil, its climate and the abundant irrigation water provided by the Ebro. La Ribera Navarra has always presented a great specialization and tradition in horticulture, highlighting products such as piquillo pepper, asparagus, artichoke or tomato. The Ribera Navarra boasts a strong tradition and specialization in horticulture. Emphasize crops such as Piquillo pepper, asparagus, artichoke or tomato. The agricultural exploitation together with the canning and winery industries are the main socioeconomic drivers of the region.
  • The vegetables with which they make their vegetable preserves are selected from the best harvests in the Navarra orchard. They grow in a traditional way, according to the plant cycle itself, harvesting the fruits manually at their right moment of maturation. All farms are close to the facilities, allowing to minimize the time between harvesting and processing to fully respect the properties of the fresh product.
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Gross weight (container inc.) 1,2 kg

Jar of 660 g.


Viuda de Cayo

€ / kg


Nº fruits

8-12 fruits


Organic tomatoes, water, salt and ascorbic acid.




Mendavia (Navarra)

Suitable for allergics to nuts


Suitable for allergics to egg


Suitable for allergics to gluten


Suitable for allergics to lactose



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