Accompaniment for Cheese

In our section accompaniment for cheeses, you can find sweet sauce for cheeses, toast to accompany cheeses, quince, apple candy, walnuts or wines. Sweet sauce for cheeses, the perfect pairing. From Calidad Gourmet and the hand of Can Bech we present this line of five 100% natural sweet sauces for your marriage with each family of cheeses. The products are handcrafted, to achieve the perfect flavor that accompanies all types of cheeses: fresh cheese, hard and blue cheeses and moldy or washed rind cheeses. Enjoy this divine pairing, an experience for your palate and your senses. Choose between sweet golden apple sauce, sweet raspberry sauce, black grape, black figs or peach with apricot, or even natural tomato jam, perfect to add a sweet touch to our cheeses. Similarly, we can enjoy toast to accompany dates and apricot cheeses, as well as quince, apple or nut candy.