The gildas are, without a doubt, one of the best known pintxos of the Cantabrian coast. Interestingly, in its origins were San Sebastian, but today can be seen in almost all bars in the north. Traditionally they were composed of an anchovy, a chilli pepper and a piparra. An acid pump for the palate, almost nothing. And they triumphed. Go that they triumphed. In Navarre, for example, the premiums of the gildas are called pajarico.

This simple tapa crossed by a toothpick and thus converted into pintxo is nowadays a regular of all pintxos bars. In Gourmet Quality, we offer ready-made gildas from the famous Ria de Santoña brand, which uses anchovy stuffed Seville-style anchovy, Ibarra chilli peppers (Gipuzkoa) and Santoña anchovy, clean and without spines. Also, in your online food store, you will find different formats. From a tray of gildas with 6 units to one with 65 units.