Salted anchovies

In Calidad Gourmet, your online food store, you can find Cantabrian anchovies caught during the spring and preserved in different ways. We have different formats of canned anchovies: in olive oil, in vegetable oil and of course, we also work with salted anchovies in a larger special format for catering (brass of 10 kg.) Salted anchovies or brine are a of the most consumed specialties in our country. In Calidad Gourmet only anchovy from bocarte caught in waters of the Cantabrian Sea and with a maturation with salt from Torrevieja for more than 8 months is used. This salted Cantabrian anchovy should be cleaned one by one, showing a reddish-tiled color, a delicate texture and a low point of salt. Its flavor is intense highlighting a good balance between the fish and its maturation in salt.