Candied fruit

Discover our section of candied fruit of the best brands and the best quality. The candied fruit is ideal to accompany foie gras or cheeses of the best quality although it is also delicious served with cream ice cream, cottage cheese or mascarpone. Likewise, it can be tasted alone or served on a bread toast. The candied fruit is considered a preserve since, the continuous process of submerging the fruit in syrup – water and sugar – causes the fruit to be saturated with sugar and thus prevents the invasion of microbes so that we would be facing a preservative natural. In this way the pieces retain their flavor, juiciness, color, texture, aroma and taste and allow us to enjoy their qualities to the fullest. In addition, it maintains many of the nutrients of fresh fruit, although it has a higher content of carbohydrates (due to sugar). To enjoy even more the delicious flavor of the fruit we propose to frost the candied fruit and thereby obtain tasty pieces of candied fruit.

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