Pickled mussels

In this section, you can find the best gourmet mussels on the market. The mussel is one of the most coveted products for the Cantabrian and Galician fishermen. They are responsible for collecting these mollusks from the rafts and making a first selection with the best pieces. In our online store, you can buy gourmet mussels from the Galician Rias. Pickled mussels thoroughly cleaned one by one, steamed and marinated in a mild pickle based on olive oil, vinegar and spices such as laurel and cloves. In addition to supposing a delight for the palate, the gourmet mussels represent one of the most complete nutritional preserves. In them we can find a large source of minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, iron or magnesium and a very low caloric intake. It is the ideal product to put as an appetizer in a special meal.

Galician mussels, the best gourmet mussels

The Galician mussel is considered one of the best gourmet mussels on the market. The quality of the Galician preserve is mainly due to two reasons. On the one hand we would have to talk about a phenomenon that occurs in these waters during the hot months and is called outcrop. This phenomenon sweeps the Galician coasts, displacing coastal surface waters to open bar, substituting them for cooler waters and much richer in nutrients. This richness in the waters, contributes a great variety in the marine ecosystem and originates fish and shellfish of a great quality. The other reason for which the Galician preserves is one of the most coveted, is the abrupt orography of its coast. This orography with large entrances of land, sea, islands … further fosters the rich variety of fish and seafood.

The collection of the great Galician mussel is made by the boats in the so-called bateas. The dock of Roxó, very close to Sansexo, is one of the starting points for the boats in charge of fishing this mollusk. For its capture, floating wooden crops are placed from which the mussel can be extracted. The currents that come directly from the Atlantic Ocean give this mollusk an extra quality with a very peculiar flavor to the sea. After their capture, the mussels are taken to the treatment plants where they are selected, cleaned and packed by hand with extreme care so that they do not lose a bit of their flavor or their natural qualities.