Casa Gerardo Products

Casa Gerardo is still one of the most important and outstanding restaurants in Asturias. Such is the prestige housed by this restaurant, which have decided to create a range of Casa Gerardo products recreating its most famous traditional dishes. The Cathedral of Navarre and cheese, taking the recipes of the Moran family as a reference, elaborate their traditional dishes with selected ingredients and kilometer 0. In the case of Casa Gerardo de spoon products, we can find a completely artisanal elaboration in which Asturian fabes and chickpeas are used, as well as Compagno and other ingredients from the area. With regard to rice with milk, its elaboration is from Asturian milk and butter, emphasizing for its excellent texture and creaminess. These three dishes of Casa Gerardo are perhaps the most revered of Asturian gastronomy and Casa Gerardo one of the most distinguished places to taste this culinary diamond.