Galician canned fish

Calidad Gourmet offers a wide range of Galician preserves from the most select canneries in the north of the country. Galicia is one of the regions with the greatest tradition in the production of canned fish and seafood, an experience that has allowed them to improve all their production processes while maintaining the artisan essence that characterizes this conserve. The result is a canned fish with all the flavor of the area.

Within our Galician preserves, those from the Rías de Noia and Muros stand out, a region where a large part of the population is dedicated to the capture and processing of their preserved fish and shellfish. In this way, in Gourmet Quality you can buy pickled mussels, sardines in olive oil, razor clams or scallops. All our preserves have been selected for their quality and natural processes, a canned fish as has been done for many years.