Martín Sánchez

Martín Sánchez is a company dedicated to the production of Iberian acorn products since 1986. The distinguishing feature of Masan, the name that also recognizes this company, is the fact that it is the first to prepare, bone and clean their Iberian products to leave them ready to cut. In this way, Masan offers boneless Iberian products such as Martín Sánchez Bellota Iberico Ham, Martín Sánchez Iberico Chorizo, and Martín Sánchez Bellota Iberian Loin. The acorn-fed Iberian pigs with which their products are made are reared under the Montanera regime in the south-west of Castilla y León, Extremadura and the south-west of Andalusia, giving rise to Iberian Guijuelo such as ham from Salamanca.