Quesos Larra

Quesos Larra cheese Workshop is located in Pyrenees valley of Roncal. Heli and Mikel Aznárez brothers lead this Navarrese Company. Since 1985, this cheese workshop has made ewe cheese in a small farm. Due to the success of these cheeses, they started to collect milk with the farmers of the area.

Quesos Larra makes Navarrese cheese of different brands: Gaztazarra cheese, Larra cheese and Pastor Roncales cheese, being this last one the most famous one. Pastor Roncales cheese is ewe cheese under the certificate of origin made with raw milk of latxa, ewe from Carranza and rasa ewe. Quesos Larra counts with various distinctions like “The best cheese of Pyrenees Jaurrieta” in 2005 or Silver medal in the International competition in Innsbruck Mountain, Alpes in 2002.