Txakoli Gorrondona

The Txakoli Gorrondona is elaborated in Bakio, locality considered like cradle of the txakoli of Bizkaia. Its geographical location on the banks of the Cantabrian Sea and protected in the middle of the valley, makes its vineyards produce a high quality grape. The mix between tradition and new technologies is the hallmark of txakoli Gorrondona, a txakoli shows the evolution of a traditional farmhouse to a modern winery.

Gorrondona is one of the wineries with the highest number of references in elaborate. In addition, it can be recognized as the only winery in Txakoli, which is home to the Txakoli denomination of origin in Bizkaia with its own distillery. The Gorrondona txakoli is a txakoli coupage made with 70% hondarribi zuri grape, 5% hondarribi beltza and 25% folle blanche.