Others white wine

In the Calidad Gourmet winery, your online food store, in addition to Txakoli and Albariño you will find many other types of white wines made with different grape varieties. From the Sauternes, the Chateau Violet Lamothe or the Chateau Laribotte, both made with semillon and sauvignon blanc grapes although in the case of the Laribotte muscadelle (2%) is also used. Passing through the Organic Chardonnay Laudum, a white and young wine made with grapes of the Chardonnay variety from vineyards of organic production. Thanks to the palomino grape we have many fine, amontillados and manzanillas from the Fernando de Castilla winery. Finally, in your online gourmet store, you will also find white wines made from the Pedro Ximénez white grape, widely used in Extremadura and Andalusia.