Pickled mussels

In this section, you can find the best gourmet mussels on the market. The mussel is one of the most coveted products for the Cantabrian and Galician fishermen. They are responsible for collecting these mollusks from the rafts and making a first selection with the best pieces. In our online store, you can buy gourmet mussels from the Galician Rias. Pickled mussels thoroughly cleaned one by one, steamed and marinated in a mild pickle based on olive oil, vinegar and spices such as laurel and cloves. In addition to supposing a delight for the palate, the gourmet mussels represent one of the most complete nutritional preserves. In them we can find a large source of minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, iron or magnesium and a very low caloric intake. It is the ideal product to put as an appetizer in a special meal.