In Calidad Gourmet, online gourmet shop, you can taste gourmet salts such as salt flower flakes of Añana spring salt (pure or seasoned) or salt pyramids and smoked salt pyramids from the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. The Piramidal Salt of Cyprus is one of the gourmet salts most coveted by the great European chefs. It is a salt flake from the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, high quality salt, which does not undergo any refining process, without anti-caking agents and without any artificial additives.

Our online delicatessen shop also offers Cabo de Gata salt flower, natural salt flower produced artisanally in the natural reserve of the salt flats of Cabo de Gata. One of the salts that we can find today is the Flower of Salt of Cabo de Gata. A gourmet salt that is extracted by manual processes of the marine salinas found in the Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural Park, Almería, and from which it takes its name.