Vegetables Lots

Meet the fabulous varied lots of canned vegetables of La Catedral de Navarra and enjoy the best seasonal products of the best quality and at the best price. They are ideal to give to your loved ones and surprise them. Do not hesitate and try the varied lots of vegetable preserves. The vegetables used to make the lots of La Catedral de Navarra have their secret in the abundance of rain that characterizes the Navarra valley of the Ebro, as well as the rich fertile land in which they are grown, their collection in season and hand at their optimum of maturation. LC has more than 70 years in the sector of vegetable preserves. The products of LC are elaborated and conserved as soon as they arrive from the field and in each step of the process it is watched because not a bit of its authentic and natural flavor is lost, in addition, they are subjected to a strict control of quality, carried out so much by the company itself as by the denominations of origin of the products. La Catedral de Navarra grows its products very close to its facilities, knows the farmers who work them and takes strict control of the growth steps of their vegetables.